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A Year Full of Questions

Lately, I’ve been reflecting on Zora Neale Hurston’s quote, “there are years that ask questions and years that answer it.” If this year has taught me anything it is that life is fragile, fleeting, and complex. I am left with more questions than answers and as this year comes to an end. I am learning that some seasons are full of questions and to become okay with the uncertainty that lies ahead. Other seasons will bring forth answers and will restore a sense of certainty and self-assuredness into our lives.

Honestly, I am in a season full of questions. I worry about how to care for my family and for myself. I am trying to find the balance between caring for everyone and showing up for myself. I have been asking myself many questions and in these times I step into self-care. I remind myself to reflect more deeply and to be kinder to myself. I may not hold all the answers to the questions that consume my thoughts, but I know deep down that they will arrive with time. As Hurston reminds us, there will be times when the path ahead seems unclear, but we must breath when there are more questions than answers.

This year itself is a prime example of how we are living a “year” full of questions. A pandemic arrived and changed our lives as we knew it. We were all affected in unique and unimaginable ways. This pandemic caused the loss of many human lives worldwide and many continue to face its existential threat. It has reminded us of how deeply intertwined health, social, and economic systems are. It has shown us the fragility of our food system, has disrupted food supply chains and continues to threaten the food security of many people across the world. This pandemic felt like a domino effect on our lives. Like many of you, I had many questions about COVID-19. At times it felt like the world gave us more questions than answers.

As we embark on a new year, I am hopeful. I am finding comfort in the questions that I have. This season of my life may be full of questions, but I will zealously search for the answers. Many of my past experiences have taught me that things have a way of aligning themselves and eventually making sense. All I can do now is to continue to pause, breath, and act. Pausing because it allows me to reflect and be more intentional in all that I do. Breathing asks of me to live in the present moment and acting reminds me that it is a crucial ingredient for all matters in life.

I hope that you too can find ways to endure the questions that you have and be able to find the courage to continue to seek them out.

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