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    Our equipment & services
Finishing machining
Rough machining & weld assembly
Sheet-metal processing
Auxiliary & measuring equipment
Packing of products
interference fitting parts
total length 300mm; concentricity of inner & outer circle: 0.03
assembly parts
part of fuel tap
concentricity of each circle: 0.03; roughness: Ra0.8 (not external grinding, processed by CNC lathe)
symmetry of opposite grooves
angle: ∠0.1; roughness of incline: Ra0.8
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Office address: Unit G, 8thF, ShangHao Plaze, No.159, Handan Rd. Shanghai 200437, PRC
Min hang factory: No.508-4, Zixu Rd. Min Hang District, Shanghai 201111,PRC
Bao shan factory: No. 855-2, Baoqi Rd. Baoshan Urban Industrial Park, Shanghai 200444,PRC
Trading line for overseas only:
Tel: +86 21 55039109
Fax: +86 21 55880277
Email: stephy.xixie@gmail.com